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Case studies – Page 5

Process belts

A strong solution for thermal bonding of thick insulation material

As a key product for soundproofing, insulation, protection, stabilisation and forming, nonwovens are a driver for practically unlimited innovation. One of the leading German producers of technical nonwovens made of staple fibres is J.H. …

Industrial mesh

LP-EGR filter with 3D mesh

Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are working in close partnership to develop new solutions for reducing fuel consumption and thereby also CO2 emissions. Low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation (LP-EGR) systems are one example of how they are attempting to increase the …

Industrial mesh

30 months in continuous operation and still no end in sight

Reducing maintenance costs and increasing process reliability: with these objectives in mind, ESIM Chemicals conducted a detailed analysis of the Funde filters they have been using for many years in their large-scale fumaric acid production. In …

Industrial mesh

Premium vendor relies on combined expertise

Nearly half of all newly registered cars in Germany have a diesel engine under the hood. A crucial role in this success story is played by diesel particulate filters and diesel oxidation catalysts, exhaust gas recirculation systems and selective catalytic …

Industrial mesh

A clean performance

Industrial laundries use as much water in a single day as two families of four do in a whole year. A laundry in Simmern, Germany, which processes around 60 tons of laundry from hospitals, nursing homes and old people’s homes per day, is one of these major consumers. As is …

Process belts

The fine art of nonwoven composites

The development of nonwovens for hygiene and medical products is a demanding business. Customers want lower and lower grammage, more and more functions and comfort – and all that, of course, without any compromises in terms of maximum cost-efficiency and …


Aerodynamic proving ground

In Formula One racing, victory or defeat depends not only on the qualities of the driver but also on the optimal design of the racing car. Apart from the tires and the motor, it is the aerodynamics which give these projectiles those crucial seconds of advantage. In fact, …

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