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Industrial mesh


Durable filters made of wire mesh for exhaust gas systems in motor vehicles

Exhaust gas filtration

Filtration meshes from GKD are used in exhaust gas recirculation systems and in particle oxidation catalytic converters in cars.

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We developed the volumetric mesh for particularly efficient filtration of exhaust gases with reduced filter surface. This 3D wire mesh also improves fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions in modern automotive exhaust gas systems. Further metal weaves and hybrid meshes round off our portfolio of exhaust gas filtration meshes.

We produce durable filter media, prefabricated filter parts, mesh strips, formed filters and mesh cylinders for the automotive industry. On request, we can supply these ready-for-installation in vehicle production operations, manufactured under defined cleanroom conditions or with various alloys.

Benefits for exhaust gas filtration

  • High porosity and throughput performance
  • Smaller filter area
  • Minimized pressure loss
  • Precise filter opening
  • Temperature resistance
  • Media resistance

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