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Metal mesh ceiling systems

Metal mesh ceiling systems are available with three different mounting options:

  • Grid ceiling for lay-in mounting
  • Concealed clamp mounting for large and individual grids
  • Seamless installation of CMP honeycomb panels (ALU 6010 CMP) for clamped mounting

These alternatives allow virtually any ceiling solution to be implemented, all the way up to large island ceilings (example: Emilio Balthus).


A special version of our metal mesh ceiling systems is made from the composite ALU 6010 CMP ceiling panels (example: King of England). Here, the visible aluminum mesh is stabilized by an aluminum honeycomb core, as well as a perforated aluminum backing.

CMP ceiling panels with ALU 6010 are ideal for use in large-format yet lightweight suspended ceilings.


Our Silentmesh CMP ceiling systems improve room acoustics – with certified solutions for acoustic ceilings (example: Dusseldorf Concert Hall).  The sound absorption values vary between 0.85 and 1.00 αw.

All standard metal meshes for the Silentmesh CMP ceiling system are available with three different mounting options.


The most recent innovation in the field of “suspended ceilings” is the Atlantic Glow ceiling system. This supports dispersion of light in the interior of buildings and thus ensures deeper and more even light distribution in modern offices. With appropriate orientation of the office spaces, this makes a significant contribution towards LEED or DGNB certification.

GKD metal mesh ceiling systems are fully recyclable.

More info on: Silentmesh CMP, architectural mesh
GKD’s architectural portfolio: Systems and services: everything from a single source
Examples of application: Muscat Airport, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, EUMETSAT Darmstadt
CMP mesh types: CMP12 ALU 6010, CMP25 ALU 6010

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