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30. March 2015

Energy management system: GKD committed to conservation of resources

Back in 2005, GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG made a clear commitment to sustainable use of resources by introducing an environmental management system in line with the DIN ISO 14001 Standard. The company has now taken the logical next step of implementing a complex energy management system in compliance with the DIN EN ISO 50001 Standard. The issuing of this internationally recognised certificate in December 2014 marked an important milestone on the company's roadmap.

Quality, occupational safety and environmental protection have always been right at the top of GKD’s agenda. The most recent measure in an extensive catalogue of commitments to responsible economic management is the introduction of the energy management system. For this internationally producing company, energy consumption and energy efficiency are key factors for sustainable success in the global market. To optimise energy use, the existing management manual has been extended to include the requirements of the new energy management system and amended with the corresponding procedural instructions. These also include clear objectives which the company has set itself. Energy efficiency is to increase annually – in terms of the performance indicator “consumption to productive hours” – by 1.5 percent. There are similar objectives regarding the reduction of energy consumption. GKD aims to reduce this by 1.5 percent per year – in terms of the performance indicator “consumption to total output”. By 2020, GKD intends to have reduced its use of primary energy like heating oil and natural gas to zero. To achieve this goal, GKD is relying on the active support of its staff. They are called upon not only to be consistent in applying the new guidelines, but also to help advance the implementation of sustainable resource protection by submitting their own ideas and suggestions for improvements. The first tangible results have already been achieved. Through installation of modern LED lighting in the halls, the quality of illumination there has improved and electricity consumption has been reduced. The topic of compressed air production was taken into overall consideration during modernisation measures. As a result, a central compressor station has been installed whose waste heat is fed through heat exchangers into the works heating system. At the same time, the compressed air network has been optimised.

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