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05. December 2016

Let’s play ball: metal mesh in the new Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium is home to the New York Yankees – probably the most famous baseball team in the US. When designing the interior and exterior areas of the new stadium, which replaces the old one from 1923, the architects from HOK employed a large amount of metal mesh from GKD. Around 50,000 fans now follow the games of the record champions up to five times a week in the stadium, which was completed in 2009.

For the $1.5 billion baseball stadium, the architects from HOK had Tigris, Tigris PC and Omega 1505 PC metal mesh from GKD USA installed over a total area of approximately 3,065 square meters. As both transparent and attractive fall guard protection, the mesh material gives spectators a feeling of safety and grants unrestricted views of the playing field. Inside the stadium, the Tigris 3110 metal mesh from GKD USA visually homogenizes the sober concrete elements and thereby underlines the prestigious effect of the stadium complex. For the cladding of eight lifts, the architects from HOK selected ceiling-height Omega 1505 PC metal mesh, which is reminiscent of the characteristic pinstripe design of the jerseys worn by the New York Yankees. Light reflections emphasize the subtle accents here, softening the rather harsh and impersonal feel so often encountered in other stadiums. At the same time, the robust mesh offers protection against vandalism along these heavily frequented access routes, as the woven texture is insensitive to scratches and bumps. As an additional highlight, large-format logos of the New York Yankees were etched into the metal mesh by GKD USA above the lift doors. The experts from GKD used blasting media to modify the dense surface structure of the mesh in such a way that is shows the initials of the New York Yankees in a subtle shimmer without the need for any further processing. Alongside its excellent aesthetics and extensive functionality, the key factors in selecting the stainless steel mesh in this large scope and for such different applications were its durability and ease of maintenance. The material is also 100% recyclable. As a full-service provider, GKD USA assumed responsibility for the custom installation with individually developed mounting fixtures.

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