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04. April 2003

Brand name architecture or the architecture of a brand name

With a façade made of stainless steel wire mesh and glass, the world's largest Louis Vuitton Flagship Store reflects the image of the brand name and the city around it

The world’s largest and highly celebrated Louis Vuitton Flagship has opened In Tokyo, a city with a “constantly fluctuating”, “eclectic mix of urban topography”, as it is often described in specialist literature. The store’s architecture responds to Tokyo’s urban architectural versatility with optical adaptability, while embodying the traditional products of the House of Louis Vuitton. With his façade construction, architect and rising star Jun Aoki has created a building which “fluctuates” as dynamically as the surrounding cityscape. At the same time, it stands as a synonym for the Louis Vuitton brand in all its variety – as the definitive “ambassador” of the brand name.

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