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12. December 2001

Multimedia interface: EXPOMEDIA LIGHT CUBE

Large-scale single-element façade with a life of its own

Like an enormous monolith, the cube towers over the Saar terraces in the west of Saarbrücken. As the sun follows its daily path, the outer cloak of stainless steel changes from a monochrome gray in the early morning light to a bright shining silvery coolness at noon. At sunset, it glows in a warm, shimmering gold-orange, and, finally, at night it becomes the backdrop for extraordinary projections of computer-generated colors and shapes. The „Media Façade“ of the EXPOMEDIA LIGHT-CUBE counts as one of the most creative architectural applications of stainless steel mesh produced by the Düren-based company GKD – Gebrüder Kufferath. An „experiment between conventional architecture and media event“ is how the Darmstadt architects Kramm & Strigl describe their spatial concept. Semitransparency, reflective power and resilience were the decisive criteria for the choice of GKD’s woven metallic architectural and design fabrics for this unusual project.

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