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08. August 2002

Special products for high-standard nonwovens production

GKD relies on its lead in competence

Nonwovens are the material of the future. Economic to produce, universally applicable and highly robust – these are the key advantages of nonwovens. They can be used as easily for packaging, protective clothing and hygiene articles as for filtration of fluids, insulation in homes, in road building, in the automotive industry or in membrane technology for clothing. Their active breathing capacity, formability, low weight, resistance to microbes and resilience to wear and tear make nonwovens predestined for practically unlimited usage. Especially interesting in this respect are technical textiles, nonwoven innovations which are increasingly pushing classic materials out of the market. Problem solving competence is thus required, also in their production. Variability of application area, composition and product specifications call for made-to-measure process belts.

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