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Process belts


TRACKMATIC™ belts made of stainless steel achieve absolute tracking stability

Trackmatic belts

By weaving in weft wires with V-crimps on the underside of the belt, these conveyor belts do not require an external control system.

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The Trackmatic belt excels through its exceptional track quality and transverse stability. The interwoven ropes in the running direction also allow a flexible belt rotation. The rows of V-crimps fit precisely into the drive and deflecting rollers, which are slotted for this purpose. The extremely smooth surface of the V-crimp-type belt offers variable apertures and can be used for a large number of processes, such as baking, washing, bleaching, forming, calibrating, drying, heating and freezing.

Trackmatic belts from GKD are used in the following applications:

baking, washing, bleaching, forming, calibrating, drying, heating and freezing


  • Self-controlled belt
  • Various apertures possible
  • Smooth surface
  • Widths of up to 8 m, lengths of up to 100 m

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