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DIBt approval for mesh facades


… for façade systems made of metal fabrics from GKD

The German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) has granted the general building approval for GKD metal mesh façades, ceiling and wall cladding including the relevant mounting fixtures. This offers

certainty of action and legal security for

All components of our systems for façades, ceilings, walls and fall guard protection have been subjected to stringent, experimental and external tests by experts over a period of two years – and passed with flying colors.

“Officially certified quality and safety are indispensable, particularly in the case of façade systems. With the general building approval we are the only supplier on the market to guarantee that our mesh façade is fully compliant with standards. Planners and installers can therefore be sure that our mesh façades are proven to deliver what we promise not just in theory, but in practice.” (Michael Link, Head of the Metalfabrics Division, Germany)


GKD façade systems made of metal cable mesh and spiral mesh have been tested by the DIBt and possess the general building approval. For the first time, mesh façades therefore meet the requirements regarding standard-compliant building products for façades in line with the Model Building Regulation (MBO).

Case-by-case approval is therefore no longer needed. This saves metal constructors and façade builders work, time and money and offers them legal certainty when using a combination of metal mesh mounting fixtures. When designing façades, architects and planners are able to specify the general building approval in their tender bids. Moreover, structural and specialist engineers benefit from the reliably tested performance data of the GKD façade systems.

The accelerated process for planning in compliance with building laws and for realizing façade cladding projects offers a significant advantage in the approval process. After all, GKD façade systems now guarantee proven usability in line with the requirements of the Model Building Regulation – all over Germany and as standard.

> Furthermore, the general building approval for metal mesh façades from GKD is an important milestone for the envisaged EU-wide approval (ETA /European Technical Assessment) of our façade systems as well as our ceiling and wall cladding solutions.


Whether as a façade shell, a tensioned mesh ceiling, wall cladding or as fall guard protection: GKD uses the Tigris and Omega 1520 cable mesh as well as the Escale 7×1 spiral mesh made of stainless steel as façade material. These metal meshes, combined with the matching end and intermediate fixings, are the key factor behind the standard-compliant safety and high quality of the GKD façade systems.


To ensure that the safety of the façade cladding has been tested and to clearly demonstrate that regulations have been complied with, architects, planners and building owners may only specify building products that have been approved in line with building regulations in their bids. Right from the beginning they thereby avoid any problems that may be caused by façade systems without regulated performance criteria.


On the one hand, façade builders and metal constructors save a considerable amount of work as a case-by-case approval of our mesh mounting solutions is no longer necessary. On the other, as the installing company they legally safeguard themselves by using a GKD façade system and avoid any claims for damages, for example on the part of the building owner.


When performing the static calculation, static engineers, inspectors and specialist engineers can rely on the tested and confirmed dimension and performance values of GKD façade systems. Parameters such as tensile load and elastic modulus are not just theoretical values here, but rather reliable factors in planning the bearing structure with regard to structural safety and design.


It is highly probable that the materials used for façades, ceilings and walls, which up to now have been subject to relatively inconsistent regulations, will in the future require ever more consistent compliance with standards in Germany and on the international stage.

> The performance data – and thereby the safety of our systems for façades, ceilings, walls and fall guard protection – have been certified by external institutes and awarded the general building approval by the DIBt. GKD has therefore taken a great leap into the future. By providing comprehensive legal security and certainty of action, the company once again underlines its customer-centric approach while also ensuring clarity when it comes to using mesh mounting combinations for architectural projects.

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Meshes and mounting fixtures for buildings

Tigris stainless steel cable mesh
Round rod + eyebolt
Round rod + pendular clip

Omega 1520 stainless steel cable mesh
Fusiomesh NG
Round rod + pendular clip

Escale 7×1 stainless steel cable mesh
Flat clevis screw


The general building approval with the number Z-14.7-795 regulates the manufacturing, dimensioning and use of the prefabricated mesh as well as its end and intermediate fixings. The properties and composition of the materials used for cables, spirals, weft wires, flat steel bars, pendular clips, round rods and eyebolts as well as for the Fusiomesh NG fixing system are documented in detail. Requirements for the labeling of the packaging, internal and external monitoring of manufacturing and products as well as regulations covering the design and dimensions in the proof of structural safety, for the instructions and for the use, care and maintenance are specified in binding terms in the general building approval.

The general building approval currently applies explicitly for the following mesh and fixing combinations:

  • Escale 7×1 metal mesh with end fixing made of slide-in flat profile and clevis terminal as well as intermediate fixing with tether
  • Omega 1520 metal mesh with Fusiomesh NG end fixing as well as intermediate fixing with slide-in round rod and pendular clip
  • Tigris metal mesh with end fixing with slide-in round rod and eyebolt as well as intermediate fixing with slide-in round rod and pendular clip

If you would like more information on the general building approval for metal fabrics in PDF format, please send an e-mail to

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